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Online music site climbs the charts

It sounds like a blast from the past: a Net music site on an acquisition binge, expanding quickly around the world, with a stock price that's actually risen since January.

By August 21, 2001


Intel's e-commerce experiment fizzles

The chipmaker confirms that it has closed its iCat e-commerce hosting service for small- and medium-sized businesses.

By February 2, 2001


Intel-SAP venture shutting down

Pandesic, a 3-year-old application service provider, is closing down because it couldn't figure out how to make itself profitable.

July 28, 2000


Net latecomers could miss holiday profits

If brick-and-mortar retailers are just getting ready to sell on the Net, they're probably too late to cash in on this year's holiday shopping season.

July 20, 1999