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App of the Day: Paper by FiftyThree

Truly, this is one of the most elegant notebook apps we've ever seen. Period.

By April 24, 2012


Millennials admit using phones to avoid talking to people

Technically Incorrect: A new study suggests that holiday gatherings mean that millennials will use their phones strategically to avoid Uncle Bilbo.

By July 3, 2016


Would you let a drone do your holiday work? Survey says yes

Our annual study shows that holiday shoppers are dedicated to shopping online, buying tablets and treating themselves.

By November 28, 2014


Photos: Teams tune up for 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge

Fifty-three teams are preparing for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Urban Challenge, a $2 million military-sponsored race of autonomous vehicles on city roads that's set for November 3.

By June 8, 2007


Study: Mac owners most loyal

Apple Macintosh owners are the most loyal, according to a Harris Interactive study of more than 140,000 Web surfers. Fifty-three percent of Mac owners who bought a new home computer in the first three quarters of 2000 were repurchasing a Mac. Gateway's customer loyalty was highest among PC brands with a 45 percent repurchase rate. Dell Computer's rate was 40 percent; Hewlett-Packard's, 33 percent; and Compaq Computer's, 29 percent. IBM had the lowest repurchase loyalty among the top brands--9 percent. According to the study, Gateway was the No. 1 brand among first-time home PC buyers. In contrast, Compaq was stronger among repeat buyers than among first-timers.

By March 6, 2001