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Brit rapper Wiley slams Glastonbury in Twitter strop

Brit rapper Wiley demonstrated the pitfalls of social media with a spectacular Twitter strop about Glastonbury.

By Jun. 29, 2013


Bezos hints at Amazon tablet in interview

In an interview with Consumer Reports, Jeff Bezos wouldn't confirm that Amazon was gearing up to release an Android tablet but he did say to "stay tuned."

By May. 12, 2011


As Schmidt speaks of caution, Google Glass gets hacked

Not long after Google's Eric Schmidt talks of how apps for Glass will require Google's approval, a renowned hacker/developer gains access to the gadget's operating system. But just what might that mean?

By Apr. 26, 2013


CES 2013 preview: The love and hate of the greatest (tech) show on earth

With just weeks to go before the massive Consumer Electronics Show, I'm going to predict exactly what we'll see -- with 100 percent accuracy.

By Dec. 14, 2012


How one ISP deals with copyright enforcement

Get a look at correspondence between the owner of a Louisiana ISP and representatives of copyright owners. The ISP owner gets several of notices like this a month.

By Dec. 22, 2008