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How tech's IT elite see the world shaping up

Many of the IT world's leading lights gathered for a big conference in Orlando, Fla., this week where they traded ideas on how to get past this latest squall in the economy.

By October 15, 2008


Flock 2.0 out of beta: Gets current Mozilla engine, MySpace support, more

New version of the browser connects to more social networks and media sites.

By October 15, 2008


Five ways to master bookmarks in Firefox 3

Master Firefox 3's bookmarks and you'll be surfing 100 times faster and better than before.

By June 23, 2008


Firefox 3: Expand the Site Identification button on HTTPS pages

Yet another way to insure you're always aware of encrypted HTTPS web pages

By June 21, 2008


Flock catches up with Firefox 3 in sophomore release

Latest beta of self-proclaimed social browser packs a punch, including all the niceties of Firefox 3 with a social angle.

By June 16, 2008


The Firefox 3 instance that will not die

Firefox 3 seems to have some nice features but it's a little crashy for me.

By June 9, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 676: Don't lecture me

We try to cool it on the proselytizing, while also keeping the iPhone SDK hype to a minimum. Both tasks are incredibly hard.

By March 7, 2008