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FERC chairman: Let EV owners sell juice to grid

Regulator says that electric-vehicle owners can make thousands of dollars selling battery-driven power services to the wholesale market.

By September 21, 2010


Should Homeland Security control the electrical grid? Maybe

Researchers at MIT conclude that cybersecurity for the U.S. electrical grid must be controlled by one federal agency--but which one is up for debate.

By December 5, 2011


Flywheel storage maker Beacon Power declares bankruptcy

Beacon Power, which received a $43 million DOE loan guarantee from the same program that Solyndra did, is bankrupt after running out of money.

By October 31, 2011


Vehicle-to-grid venture eV2g connects to utility NRG

eV2g will partner with utility NRG Energy to develop a service to use plugged-in electric vehicle batteries to earn money by providing power to the grid.

By September 26, 2011


Google-backed $5 billion power line clears hurdle

Ruling by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is just the first step. The project would transport electricity from wind farms off the Atlantic coast.

By May 19, 2011


Can 'energy storage as a service' beef up the grid?

Battery technology is evolving rapidly, but two companies offering grid services say the business model for getting power from storage to utilities needs to develop as well.

By March 8, 2011


Report finds smart-grid security lacking

GAO report says smart meters lack strong security architecture and features for detecting and analyzing cyberattacks.

By January 19, 2011


MIT: Hybrids cleaner than coal-powered plug-ins

MIT report says that betting on auto electrification for autos is the right direction but there's uncertainty around consumers, policy, and prices.

By January 13, 2011


Ugly overhead wires, your days are numbered

American Superconductor to fulfill order for more than 3 million meters of wire to be used in underground direct-current superconductor cables laid in Korea and the U.S.

By October 7, 2010


Utility pros fret over consumers in smart grid

Utilities and tech companies say they need to do a better job selling the benefits of a digital energy infrastructure because consumer buy-in is needed for energy efficiency gains.

By September 23, 2010