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Snowden: 'I never thought I'd be saved' after NSA leaks

Speaking via an internet feed at San Diego Comic-Con, the former intelligence contractor talks about the aftermath of his bombshell disclosures on US government surveillance.

By July 22, 2016


Why NASA's video feed cut away from that 'UFO'

Suspicions are spreading on YouTube and elsewhere that the space agency saw something odd in orbit that it might not want to share with the world. We went ahead and asked about it.

By July 13, 2016


Anti-BuzzFeed petition #StopBuzzThieves starts

Internet denizen Akilah Hughes launches an online petition against BuzzFeed for allegedly taking others' ideas without compensation.

By June 30, 2016


Facebook emphasizes putting friends and family first in News Feed

The social network is changing its algorithm again to prioritize personal posts over news stories and other content.

By June 29, 2016


Uber not the road to riches, BuzzFeed report finds

An examination of leaked documents and Uber's own calculations finds that drivers in three major markets are making little more than retail workers.

By June 22, 2016


Facebook now lets you post to the News Feed and not your Timeline

Facebook introduces a new Hide From Your Timeline check box.

By June 7, 2016


This cotton candy PC case mod feeds all your cravings

There's no better fuel for a long gaming session than pure sugar. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

By May 31, 2016


Drone footage shows 70 sharks in bloody feeding frenzy

The sharks feasted on a whale carcass off the coast of Western Australia for two hours as tourists gawked.

By May 23, 2016


Facebook's trending news feed may be a sham

The world's largest social network calls out the top trending stories on its site, which is visited by more than a billion people every day. But the list may be manipulated by Facebook's employees, who are allegedly deciding what's "trending" based on their political views.

By May 9, 2016


Radiohead erases itself from the Internet, feeds album speculation

Twitter and Facebook posts from the band? Gone.

By May 2, 2016