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Full Disk Encryption isn't FDE anymore

Given the slew of privacy regulations and publicly disclosed breaches, laptop encryption is now a must-have.

By June 13, 2008


Seagate powers self-encrypting Dell PCs

Seagate, McAfee and Dell advances in self-encrypting PC computers.

By November 9, 2008


Hitachi announcement adds momentum to hard drive encryption

The company's new 3.5-inch terabyte drive that also offers full-disk encryption joins a growing number of encrypting drives from Hitachi, Fujitsu and Seagate, and likely more to come.

By July 14, 2008


Should enterprises worry about cold boot attacks?

Cold boot attacks can expose any information stored in PC memory--including encryption keys. And With information security, never underestimate the bad guy's skills.

By March 18, 2008


Encryption specialists: To buy or not to buy?

A look at market conditions tells you why it made sense for security widget maker SafeNet to buy Ingrian, and for Symantec to partner with GuardianEdge.

By March 11, 2008


Encrypting laptops is worth the money

IT security budgets remain tight. One major exception, however, is the willingness of companies to pay for full disk encryption for laptops.

By May 16, 2007


Seagate releases a flood of new hard drives and products

Seagate releases a flood of new hard drives and products

By June 7, 2006