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Army's FCS: Training or product endorsement?

The U.S. military unit tests Future Combat Systems, the "cornerstone of Army modernization," as it includes soldiers in early development and promotion.

By March 12, 2009


Reality check for the Army's high-tech makeover

The U.S. government is spending $3.5 billion this year alone on the Future Combat Systems program, and there's no guarantee that the network at its core will ever see action.

By April 16, 2008


The US military bets big on open source

Open source is permeating the US military, and for several good reasons.

By February 14, 2008


Photos: The Army's vision for soldier tech

The U.S. Army's latest modernization initiative helps dismounted soldiers with reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition.

By June 4, 2007


'Future combat' cannon makes D.C. road trip

The Army plans a public showing engine next week on Capitol Hill of a high-tech howitzer with a hybrid diesel-electric engine system.

By June 3, 2008


"Eventually all of the [US] Army's networks will be Linux-based"

Red Hat seems to be doing OK on interop. Funny what happens when customers vote.

By February 4, 2008


Field trip for Army's Land Warrior tech

Even before getting to the battlefield, high-tech upgrades for ground troops must maneuver through tough political terrain.

By June 8, 2007


Weekly Troubleshooting Utilities Update

Our Weekly Utilities Update report is a list of all the updates for many Mac utilities that have been released in the past week. Though utilities can be any tool that helps you perform a routine task (including image manipulation and synchronization), our focus in this column is to bring you those tools that help in troubleshooting Mac hardware and software problems.

By July 6, 2010


CNET to the Rescue: Ackerman's mini man-cave

CNET's laptop reviewer, Dan Ackerman, joins us to talk about how he's building a media room in a tiny Manhattan apartment. Also, your questions answered, including: how many antivirus apps do I need?

By March 30, 2011


Army's 'Crusher' gets $14 million makeover

Army funds next step for the unmanned vehicle.

By December 3, 2007