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The many lives of AdvFS

Especially to the degree that AdvFS wins some points with a major partner, Oracle, it's a nice way to leverage some IP that would otherwise mostly go to waste.

By June 23, 2008


Toyota opens hydrogen station in California

Toyota and Shell opened the first hydrogen refueling station in the U.S. that is connected directly to a hydrogen pipeline. The Torrance, Calif., station will serve the fuel cell vehicle test fleets for Toyota and other nearby manufacturers.

By May 10, 2011


Over the Alaska Highway, on hydrogen

Toyota shows off its FCHV fuel cell vehicle at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show; the car traveled 2,300 miles on the Alaska Highway.

By November 14, 2007


Fuel cell cars hit the road

The California Fuel Cell Partnership sponsors an event to drive 12 fuel cell cars from California to Canada.

By May 21, 2009


SunHydro opens solar hydrogen refueling station in CT

SunHydro opened its first solar hydrogen fueling station in Connecticut last week, marking what the company hopes will be the start of the East Coast hydrogen highway.

By October 26, 2010


Gaming preview: 'Metroid Prime 3: Corruption'

The 'Metroid Prime' series was a huge hit on the Nintendo GameCube. Now, Samus Aran makes her debut on the Wii in 'Metroid Prime 3: Corruption', set for release August 27. New motion controls will make it even easier to control Samus through another adv

May 21, 2008


Toyota previews Hybrid-R concept, hybrid-heavy booth for Frankfurt show

Leading up to the 2013 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Toyota gives us a peek at its hybrid hot hatchback concept.

By August 19, 2013


Toyota's FCV-R hydrogen concept car heads to Europe

Toyota's hydrogen-powered concept car slated for production in 2015 will make its European debut in Geneva.

By February 21, 2012


Is a nuclear-powered car in our future?

Thorium is being explored as a less toxic and more plentiful element than uranium to use in nuclear reactors--but could it also be used to power vehicles?

By September 1, 2011


LG home theater ads: Movie posters in reverse

The recent ad campaign for LG's latest home-theater-in-a-box systems, which feature "3D" surround sound, is among the more creative we've seen.

By April 23, 2012