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Apple fawns over Mac in 30-year celebration video

Apple has gone all out in its celebration of the Macintosh 128k's 30th birthday. Watch the video here.

By January 24, 2014


Review: While 'Jobs' fawns over subject, film falls flat

The eagerly awaited biopic of the Apple founder aims to capture a legend, but it neglects the world he lived in.

By January 25, 2013


Maker builds real-life Flappy Bird in a box

Flappy Bird isn't dead, it's just taken on a new form. Maker Fawn Qiu talks about building a playable real-world version of the defunct game.

By February 19, 2014


Xtand allows hands-free iPhone fawning

Bandwagon alert: it's another iPhone accessory in the form of a rotating aluminium stand called the Xtand.

By June 16, 2008


Ubuntu 'Feisty Fawn' released, hit by traffic

New 7.04 version features virtualization and crash-reporting tool--but only if you're able to download it.

By April 19, 2007


Opening gambits for open source

Traffic jam hits Ubuntu's "Feisty Fawn" debut, Mozilla Thunderbird 2 takes flight and BabelDisc offers Linux for technophobes.

By April 19, 2007


Ubuntu's new Linux sports debugging tool

'Feisty Fawn' version of Ubuntu, due April 19, can automatically report crashes to help programmers stamp out bugs.

By April 11, 2007