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Verizon, Motorola to unveil fast-charging Droid in October

The latest smartphone in Verizon's Droid franchise will boast rapid charging as its marquee feature.

By September 18, 2014


Honda tests fast-charging e-scooters in Spain

Honda will lease 18 fast-charging e-scooters to the Barcelona City Council as part of its European demonstration program for the zero-emissions technology.

By June 17, 2011


FastCharge: Power your electric car in 2.5 hours

Infracharge's new product, the Chargemaster FastCharge, chucks out a whopping 32A (7kW) current, more than twice the amount offered by today's charging posts.

By April 29, 2010


Chargemaster FastCharge: Charge your electric car in 2.5 hours

Electric car charging is set to get a whole lot quicker. Infracharge will shortly roll out out a new set of charging stations it says can recharge electric cars in as little as 2.5 hours

By April 29, 2010


Ecotality touts fast-charging stations for e-cars

Electric vehicles equipped with fast-charging capability are headed to production and will be on the road next year. Will Ecotality's charging stations soon be set up at malls and gas stations?

By March 24, 2009


Ecotality poised to roll out fast-charging EV infrastructure--photos

Electric vehicles equipped with fast-charging capability are headed to production and will be on the road next year. All that's needed to reduce the charging time for these cars from hours to minutes are Level 3 440-volt fast-charging stations. But to date, none are public. Ecotality, a clean technology company in Scottsdale, Arizona, wants to fill that void. Ecotality designs and sells these rapid rechargers for $15,00-$35,000, depending on the structure requirements, mostly to warehouses and airports for fleet vehicles. But drivers may soon be charging up at these stations in shopping malls and gas stations in the near future. Ecotality spokesman Colin Read said that these charging stations will help extend the range of all-electric vehicles and ease consumer anxiety of getting stuck on the road with a dead battery.

5 Images By March 24, 2009


Tesla: Model S to have fast-charging battery

Telsa Motor's Model S sedan -- set to debut March 26 -- will have be 440-volt fast-charging capability, wrote Rachel Konrad, spokesperson for Tesla Motors in an email.

By March 9, 2009


Start-up touts safer, fast-charging notebook battery

Batteries. Getting them cool is hot.

By January 30, 2007