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Nokia unveils new fashion phones

Nokia has unveiled a girlie-pink version of the Nokia 7360, and two new fashion phones -- the Nokia 7390 and Nokia 7373 -- as well as the Nokia 8800 Sirocco

By September 8, 2006


Nokia phones blend tech, fashion

By September 5, 2006


Black Apple MacBook: Art or fashion?

This is quite simply the most gorgeous laptop man has ever created, but was black the right choice? Is Apple's new MacBook a fad or an icon?

By May 18, 2006


A high-tech fashion statement

By October 6, 2005


Crave Talk: Will chumby become the ultimate bed mate?

Chumby Industries wants to create the ultimate bedside appliance with the help of volunteers. But will this community project work?

By September 4, 2006


Video lite, brewed by Bud

By August 21, 2006