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Far out technology for the geek in all of us

Lately I've been wondering how close we are to achieving some of the scientific "miracles" that had previously belonged solely to the realm of science fiction. Here's an update on six of them.

By August 13, 2008


Now you're a sharpshooter: The smart rifle arrives

Hit a target at 1,000 yards? No problem. Tracking Point's computer-enabled rifles let novices shoot moving targets at extreme distances with near 100 percent accuracy. The new era of firearms is upon us.

By September 25, 2013


For Chicago chef, it's prepare, print, serve

Known for his edible menus, Homaro Cantu now wants to print ads you can eat, shrink your kitchen tools into one drawer and "green" the restaurant industry. Photos: Where the menu is an appetizer

By March 30, 2007