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30th anniversary of Nintendo's Famicom (pictures)

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Family Computer, known as the Nintendo Entertainment System in the United States.

11 Images By Jul. 15, 2013


Play old-school Famicom games on DS Lite

Ever wanted to stick some of your old Nintendo Famicom cartridges into your portable gaming console? Neither have we, but here's a way to do it anyway.

By Nov. 28, 2007


8bit Harmonica: Blow into your cartridge for music

A Japanese tinkerer calling himself Basami Sentaku on YouTube has built electronic panpipes out of old Famicom cartridges.

By Jan. 13, 2014


10-year-old saves family in errant car, credits Mario Kart

A boy's great grandmother passes out behind the wheel of a vehicle going at a high speed. What's a 10-year-old to do? Grab the wheel like he's on Rainbow Road, that's what!

By Aug. 2, 2013


Remember the Neo Geo? It might be making a comeback

The Osaka-based SNK Playmore is reportedly getting into the hardware business again with none other than the Neo Geo. But this time, it's a portable game player.

By Jan. 25, 2012


It's official: The Neo Geo is making a comeback in Q2

The device will be distributed by game wholesaler Tommo in the U.S., and will come with 20 Neo Geo classics, including Metal Slug and Fatal Fury.

By Mar. 16, 2012


Happy 25th, Nintendo Entertainment System

The NES became an iconic device in the gaming industry that many gamers point to as the reason they got into video games.

By Oct. 18, 2010


Nintendo Land (Wii U)

Nintendo Land's varied attractions offer plenty of family-friendly fun and make great use of the Wii U's capabilities.

By Nov. 18, 2012

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Can Nintendo show U.S. the love, too?

In Japan, Club Nintendo members get to choose from awesome goodies in 2008 for collecting Nintendo points--Japanese SNES Famicom controller for the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy OST, or tabletop calendars.

By Nov. 21, 2007


Crave Podcast 90: Gadget lovers are arrogant? Get lost

Roll up, roll up, it's Crave Podcast number 90. This week -- just like every damned week -- we bring you the best in tech news, gadget hands-on and Net-based frivolity

By Jun. 20, 2008