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Report: Apple seeks dismissal of FairPlay lawsuit

Antitrust suit filed in 2005 accuses Apple of using DRM software to maintain a monopoly over both digital audio players and music downloads.

By Apr. 18, 2011


Jobs ordered to testify in FairPlay antitrust case

Apple's CEO will be called to testify in a deposition over an antitrust suit filed in 2005 over Apple's use of DRM software to prevent music from other companies from playing in the iPod.

By Mar. 22, 2011


Rumor: Apple to license FairPlay DRM

According to online reports, Apple will soon license its FairPlay DRM to third-party accessory manufacturers, offering the possibility of better iTunes compatibility on a wider range of (non-Apple) products.

By Jan. 17, 2007


iPod alternatives for iTunes Plus AAC

Think the iPod is the only MP3 player that can handle the iTunes Plus music format? Think again. Donald Bell shows off six iPod alternatives that work with iTunes DRM-free AAC files.

By Jan. 21, 2009


iPod alternatives for AAC audio

Donald Bell offers six iPod alternatives that work with the AAC music files commonly ripped in Apple's iTunes software.

By Jul. 8, 2008


Reports: Apple, Fox planning movie rental service

iTunes users might soon be able to download Fox movies, and Apple could also be ready to reverse its stance on licensing its FairPlay DRM, according to reports.

By Dec. 27, 2007


Is there any way I can convert songs purchased from iTunes into MP3s to play on my mobile?

Is there any way I can convert songs purchased from iTunes into MP3s to play on my mobile?

By Nov. 16, 2006


Microsoft on iTunes in 2003: 'We were smoked'

Groklaw uncovers a couple of e-mails from Bill Gates and then-Windows leader Jim Allchin revealing that Microsoft was worried about iTunes when it first launched.

By Feb. 9, 2010