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Report: Apple seeks dismissal of FairPlay lawsuit

Antitrust suit filed in 2005 accuses Apple of using DRM software to maintain a monopoly over both digital audio players and music downloads.

By April 18, 2011


Jobs ordered to testify in FairPlay antitrust case

Apple's CEO will be called to testify in a deposition over an antitrust suit filed in 2005 over Apple's use of DRM software to prevent music from other companies from playing in the iPod.

By March 22, 2011


UltraViolet: DRM by any other name still stinks

First major outing of Hollywood's UltraViolet digital streaming effort shows the scheme for what it really is: DRM all over again, and a way to make you pay for content over and over, too.

By March 16, 2012


Major moves for mobile (week in review)

AT&T announces it will acquire T-Mobile just as the wireless world gathers in Florida for the annual CTIA trade show. Also: Hackers exploit chink in Web's armor.

By March 25, 2011


No cloud music for iPad's launch

Apple's cloud-based music service is unlikely to debut before fall, sources say. Meanwhile, some studios are still reluctant to share HD films via iTunes.

By March 31, 2010


Publishers want more to publish on Apple's iPad

Apple may have secured deals with major book publishers, but the newspaper and magazine industry wants more control.

By February 16, 2010


Microsoft on iTunes in 2003: 'We were smoked'

Groklaw uncovers a couple of e-mails from Bill Gates and then-Windows leader Jim Allchin revealing that Microsoft was worried about iTunes when it first launched.

By February 9, 2010


Spotify gets Apple's blessing...who's next?

Apple confirms the approval of the Spotify subscription music application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Donald Bell speculates on other services that may follow.

By August 27, 2009


DVD Jon: Apple will be forced to open up app platform

In a private interview with CNET UK, the infamous DVD Jon -- once famous for cracking Apple's DRM system -- reveals some of his personal thoughts about Apple's iPhone app platform.

By May 20, 2009


Apple gets its due in BluWiki DMCA spat

Apple is getting a taste of its own heavy-handed medicine in a lawsuit over the right of a wiki-based forum operator to talk about non-Apple-developed iTunes integration.

By April 28, 2009