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Odds and Ends: IP Failover: PowerPC and Intel-based Macs cannot be mixed

Odds and Ends: IP Failover: PowerPC and Intel-based Macs cannot be mixed

By February 14, 2007


Software for InfiniBand gets a demo

Backers of the InfiniBand high-speed networking technology have advanced some software abilities of the technology. InfiniBand chipmaker Mellanox has demonstrated IBM's DB2 database and Websphere e-commerce software running on a collection of servers connected by InfiniBand, the company said at the Intel Developer Forum. And Lane15, which makes software to manage all the devices connected to InfiniBand networks, demonstrated "failover" of its manager software, in which one copy of the management software takes over if the primary copy fails. Companies hope InfiniBand will be used to tie together servers and storage systems in high-speed networks within corporate data centers stuffed with computing equipment.

By February 27, 2002


Short Take: Compaq demonstrates failover capabilities

Compaq Computer demonstrated failover capabilities for SAP's R/3 using a preliminary version of the Microsoft Wolfpack clustering extensions. This demonstration represents an advance for enterprise customers, enabling them to increase system availability for mission-critical applications, said the company.

By December 10, 1996


Qualix buys NT failover tools

Qualix Group acquires failover specialist Octopus Technologies in an effort to gain a foothold in the rapidly expanding market of high-availability tools for Windows NT.

By September 25, 1996


Oracle updates clustering software

Oracle will next week announce new Windows NT versions of its Parallel Server clustering software and Fail Safe failover package.

By May 28, 1998


Short Take: Stratus expands Radio Cluster family

Stratus announced two new members of its Radio Cluster product family. The Radio Cluster High Availability Server for IIS supports automatic failover of Microsoft Internet Information Server; pricing starts at $67,000. The Radio Cluster Continuous Availability Server for SQL enables transparent clustering of Microsoft SQL Server applications; pricing starts at $68,500. Both Pentium processor-based systems will be available in the first quarter of 1997.

By November 12, 1996


Files called Invincible

Invincible Technologies introduces a Network File System server that offers fault tolerance and failover capabilities for the dedicated-access server market.

By September 30, 1996


Intergraph switches over

Intergraph Computer Systems is the latest server maker to introduce a failover product for its Windows NT servers.

By September 16, 1996