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Even if Yahoo dissolves, CEO Marissa Mayer will still make bank

The company is sinking deeper into the abyss but Marissa Mayer will get a payout no matter her company's fate.

By April 19, 2016


What we can all learn from gaming's latest controversy

Commentary: This is how we are failing the fantasy genre, and what one comic book can teach us.

By April 9, 2016


Suspect allegedly tries fleeing police on a hoverboard (and fails)

Technically Incorrect: It was, no doubt, a high-speed chase to rival anything out of Hollywood.

By April 7, 2016


iPhone SE fails to catch on during opening weekend

Apple's new 4-inch phone hits the market at at snail's pace compared with the iPhone 5S and the various iPhone 6 and 6S models.

By April 4, 2016


Man arrested for failing to return video rental in 2001

Technically Incorrect: A North Carolina man discovers there is a warrant out for his arrest for not returning a copy of "Freddy Got Fingered."

By March 25, 2016


Hillary Clinton's BlackBerry envy failed to impress the NSA

Back when she was secretary of state, Clinton couldn't get the secure phone she wanted, so she continued to use her own.

By March 18, 2016


SpaceX rocket fails attempted barge landing for fourth time

Elon Musk's SpaceX really wants to be able to launch rockets for space missions and land them on platforms at sea, but so far none of the trial landings has stuck.

By March 4, 2016


Predictions Show: Will Apple succeed or fail in 2016?

Apple had a gang of new products in 2015, but what will 2016 bring? The Apple Byte's resident future teller Nostratongus gives us his answers.

By February 17, 2016


US reportedly had cyberattack plan for Iran if nuclear talks failed

There were elaborate plans aimed at disabling Iran's critical infrastructure, according to a new documentary.

By February 16, 2016


10 big-game fails that kicked off winning memes (pictures)

Standout Super Bowl moments from Left Shark to botched national anthem lyrics have inspired the Internet to make some of its most iconic memes. We're talking about you, Richard Sherman.

10 Images By February 6, 2016