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Laser air defense eyed for commercial aircraft

If a terrorist fires a surface-to-air missile at a civilian airliner, should the plane be able to shoot back?

By January 7, 2008


Lunar rover flies, then falls

Armadillo Aerospace is the lone competitor in NASA's $2 million Lunar Lander Challenge and it almost won some money Saturday.

By October 27, 2007


A folding keyboard for bands that do yoga

It bends in half to fit overhead bins on airplanes.

By October 26, 2007


ATA Airlines detains passenger for using iPhone in 'airplane mode'

There may be an airplane mode switch on your mobile phone, but don't assume your airline cares whether that switch is on or off.

By October 12, 2007


A big-screen touch screen from the defense sector

Northrop Grumman is making the rounds with TouchTable technology that the FAA has adopted for cybersecurity duty.

By September 6, 2007


Warning: Dan Rather may be unsafe

Glaskowsky analyzes the engineering claims made against Boeing's 787 on the HDNet TV series "Dan Rather Reports."

By September 28, 2007


Today in bizarre inventions: A giant banana in the sky

Canadian artists seek funding for an enormous banana blimp to be seen above Texas.

By September 12, 2007


Top 5 dorky things to do in a personal flying saucer

#1: Paint Hello Kitty on the underside.

By July 20, 2007


Slide show: The future of tech

From flying cars to sci-fi medicine to time travel, we expound upon the top 10 technological inventions and concepts that we could see in the near or distant future.

By July 10, 2007


Not a bird or a plane, it's Cyberbug

Company wins certification for experimental mini-UAV.

By June 23, 2007