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I'm wearing a 'terrorist' watch, and I bought it for $20 at Duane Reade

Casio's most retro watch gets an ignominious fashion label.

By April 26, 2011


LG Flatron W2284F: Nipple-powered monitor

The Flatron W2284F has the curves of Beyoncé, style like Gok Wan, and -- with a weight of just 4.4kg -- we suspect it may even have one of those trendy eating disorders

By November 13, 2008


Panasonic unveils CF-W8, CF-T8, CF-F8 laptops for the clumsy

Panasonic has unveiled three new ToughBook Executive laptops, all aimed at the pathologically klutzy. They're feather-light, too

By October 23, 2008


Three more cameras from Fujifilm: the FinePix F60fd, FinePix J150w, and FinePix S2000HD

Fujifilm debuts three new point-and-shoot cameras

By August 12, 2008


Asus W5F

Get a first look from the Labs at the Asus W5F ultracompact notebook computer.

May 21, 2008


Samsung LE40M91 and LE40F7: Better than real life

Throw out your old hi-def tellies -- these new Samsung boxes are super hot. You don't want to be left behind by the Joneses, do you?

By September 4, 2006


Asus W5F

The Asus W5F provides a number of great multimedia features, but because of its relatively high price, suspect case, and poor warranty, we can't recommend it over similar laptops from major manufacturers.

By June 7, 2006

2.5 stars Editors' rating June 7, 2006

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