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10 must-see videos of the week

We take a ride in Volvo's self-driving car, our top headphones picks under $50 and Andrew W.K. rocks it out on The 404.

By May 16, 2014


Samsung says phone was inspired by 'a bowl of water'

Samsung claims its patent applicaton for the F700 was filed before the iPhone was announced and its design inspiration was more mundane.

By August 11, 2012


Samsung: Galaxy S3 inspired by 'sparkling' pebbles, forest stroll

The creative folks behind the Galaxy S3 reveal the natural elements they drew on to fashion the features of Samsung's new smartphone.

By August 24, 2012


Key Samsung designer barred from testifying in Apple case

Hyong Shin Park has said that Samsung phones were inspired by a "bowl of water" and not the iPhone. Apple argues that Park's testimony isn't relevant.

By August 13, 2012


Samsung: Our phone design was inspired by 'a bowl of water'

Company lawyers seek to prevent Apple from blocking testimony of a key phone designer.

By August 10, 2012


Samsung questions value of iPhone's features

An Apple witness claims we'll pay $100 extra for Apple's own features.

By August 12, 2012


Samsung in Olympic form showing how to work the refs

Samsung's attorney decides to cross the judge in an amazing display of chutzpah -- but it may pay off later in its legal fight with Apple.

By August 1, 2012


Judge chides Samsung for handing nixed evidence to media

In Apple patent tussle, Samsung releases disallowed evidence to the press. Judge Lucy Koh is not amused.

By July 31, 2012


Frankfurt auto show: Mercedes F700

Ever dream of an S Class with a four-cylinder engine?

May 22, 2008


Fujifilm FinePix F700

Quick performance, plentiful features, and innovative technology make this pocket camera appealing for advanced snapshooters, although its images aren't top-notch.

May 21, 2008