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Combo mouse or George Foreman Grill?

Keypad mouse resembles famed appliance.

By August 3, 2007


Canon's 3-in-1 mouse takes a dubious turn

Combo mice just seem to lead to weirder things.

By June 17, 2008


Rory's Christmas Shopping: D&G gold Razr V3i

The Razr V3 comes in pink, silver, blue and black, but being a true style guru I'm going for the hugely stylish, utterly exclusive liquid gold Razr V3i

By December 22, 2005


Rory's Christmas Shopping: Followit tracking

This GPS tracking device is perfect for treating your loved ones like an endangered species, or a dangerous parolee if they're anything like Rory's family

By December 20, 2005


Rory's Christmas shopping: Most expensive computer?

For my final Christmas gift, I want the ultimate computer -- one that makes your gaming desktop look like a pocket calulator. Behold the Sun Fire E25K!

By December 23, 2005