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Ford Sync car owners to get Apple's Siri Eyes-Free

The automaker is rolling out an update to its Sync-enabled cars that will let drivers turn on the Siri voice assistant with the touch of a button.

By December 3, 2015


ZTE, Nuance hit the road with eyes-free, hands-free biometric voice command

With Nuance's voice print technology onboard, ZTE's Car Mode app will be able to recognize who is speaking and what he or she wants without the driver lifting a finger.

By January 8, 2014


Microsoft eyes free versions of Windows Phone, RT, report says

Device makers would reportedly no longer pay a licensing fee for either operating system, a move designed to combat Android, says The Verge.

By December 11, 2013


'Eyes-Free Yoga' turns Kinect into teacher for the blind

"Exergame" aims to turn yoga into an activity the sight-impaired can enjoy more easily by tracking their motions and offering verbal cues on how to strike poses correctly.

By October 19, 2013


Siri 'Eyes Free' mode comes to six more Chevy cars

Apple's personal assistant is integrated into a handful of new vehicles, letting users make calls, text, and access their calendars with a voice activation button on the steering wheel.

By October 15, 2013


Honda adding 'Eyes Free' Siri integration in some 2013 cars

A trio of upcoming Honda and Acura vehicles are getting Siri's "Eyes Free" integration, letting drivers interact with their phones while driving.

By January 30, 2013


Want Siri Eyes Free integration now? Get MediaBridge

A $299 aftermarket kit enables many vehicles to integrate Siri with the electronics system using steering wheel controls.

By June 21, 2012


Apple's Eyes Free coming to Chevy Spark, Sonic

The two budget compacts are rumored to be the first GM vehicles to get the Siri integration.

By June 19, 2012


What Siri's 'Eyes Free' feature means for cars

Car makers and Apple are working together to bring natural language telematics to vehicles, but could this be too much of a good thing?

By June 11, 2012


Bright Eyes: Free MP3 of the Day

A free MP3 download from Bright Eyes, courtesy of CNET Download Music

By February 4, 2008