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EyeClops has a big brother

Another eyeball-shaped magnifying device to create nightmares.

By January 22, 2008


Can the iPad 2's camera see through clothes?

This iPad 2 X-ray hack vid is blowing up all over the Internet, and while the science is sound, we're calling shenanigans.

By March 31, 2011


Microscope fits in your pocket, just because

Latest example of digital magnification at work.

By June 10, 2008


Jakks Pacific brings night vision to kids

Jakks Pacific has announced the EyeClops Night Vision, a set of functional night-vision goggles targeted at kids.

By February 19, 2008


Amazon reports its best holiday season ever

Amazon issued a press release today, outlining its 2007 holiday numbers.

By December 26, 2007


Christmas gift guide: Great presents from £15 to £150

Too caught up in pre-Christmas socialising to have time to hit the mean streets in search of cool presents? Fear not, here's 20 brilliant gift ideas, all just a few clicks away...

By December 11, 2007


Giant eyeball magnifies 200x; crowds flee

It's not a good thing.

By July 13, 2007