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Japan developing extraterrestrial construction machines

The Japanese space agency has teamed up with construction company Kajima to develop autonomous construction machines for the moon and Mars.

By June 20, 2016


First dwarf star planets boost search for extraterrestrial life

Three planets are the first to be seen orbiting an ultracool dwarf star, and could be our best hope yet for finding extraterrestrial life.

By May 2, 2016


Survive Alien Day with this essential extraterrestrial gear (pictures)

It's Alien Day and you're going to need a few tools to make it through. We've got an M41-A pulse rifle, a pair of Ripley boots and some facehugger cookies in case you get hungry during battle.

10 Images By April 26, 2016


What is the most exciting news on extraterrestrials? (CraveCast Extra)

This week on the CraveCast a viewer asked President of METI International Douglas Vakoch what the most exciting news is right now about alien life in our universe. Here's his response.

By February 26, 2016


Everything to know about the search for extraterrestrial life at a glance

A new infographic from Space.com details some of the highlights in our quest to know whether we're alone in the universe.

By October 21, 2015


The 404: Steve Guttenberg, 20th century nostalgia, extraterrestrial life, how to pitch a show (podcast)

Another mind-bending discussion with Steve Guttenberg finds the guys discussing the existence of alien life and 20th century nostalgia. But first, Steve fake-pitches an idea for a new TV series to Russ and Jeff.

By August 14, 2015


The Face of Mars: A Martian mystery turns 40

On this day: On 25 July 1976, Viking 1 took a photograph of what appeared to be a humanoid face on the surface of Mars.

By July 25, 2016


Parkes Observatory: Extraterrestrial messages or microwave noodles?

Strange signals picked up by the radio telescope pointed towards the stars in Parkes, Australia have a rather more mundane origin.

By April 12, 2015


Two newly discovered planets look promising for extraterrestrial life

Among eight new Kepler planets found are the two most Earth-like to date, with possible conditions for the propagation of life.

By January 7, 2015


Martian meteorite may contain evidence of extraterrestrial life

A meteorite from Mars that landed on Earth in 2011 contains a carbon compound that is biological in origin.

By December 2, 2014