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The ExtJS debacle: What should its licensing strategy be?

GPL'ing your core is a good way to protect the core and of monetizing a decent slice of your adoption. But it's better utilized when a project is a bit further along, and it's arguably not a great model for software that will generally have the most valu

By April 29, 2008


ExtJS: When open source is not open at all

ExtJS claims to be open source. It's not.

By February 25, 2008


What Chrome means for Web start-ups

Here are six implications for the start-up world. These assume that Chrome lives up to its hype. That's a big if.

By September 3, 2008


Microsoft dumps Sandcastle, does right by open source

Microsoft has apologized for the Sandcastle snafu. Is it finally starting to understand open source?

By June 7, 2008