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Apple's plan to wipe out disc drives is nearly complete

With only a single machine that still has a DVD drive, Apple is close to finishing something it began nearly six years ago.

By October 26, 2013


Check a used Mac's condition before purchasing

If you are considering purchasing a used Mac, here are some ways to find out if its hardware is running properly.

By November 26, 2012


How to upgrade your laptop

Has your laptop become agonisingly slow? Do you swear it used to be faster? What if you upgraded it instead of replacing it?

By June 17, 2012


New Dell Vostro laptops: Small, cheap, Ivy Bridge

Slightly updated designs and new processors come at a reasonable price on Dell's latest Vostros.

By June 12, 2012


Apple Thunderbolt adapters arriving in Apple stores

Apple's low-cost Thunderbolt adapters offer legacy I/O connectivity for newer Mac systems.

By June 11, 2012


Sony launches first XQD cards. Step aside, CompactFlash

The 16GB and 32GB cards read and write at 125MBps and can handle 100-photo bursts from Nikon's new D4 SLR.

By January 6, 2012


Thunderbolt gearing up to stick around

Some people may be concerned about whether or not Apple's Thunderbolt port will be adopted, but so far things are looking good for the new technology.

By September 16, 2011


Thunderbolt expansion devices beginning to crop up

Thunderbolt-based devices that offer numerous expansion possibilities are beginning to show up for Mac systems.

By September 8, 2011


Apple's Thunderbolt potential increases with new adapters

Apple's Thunderbolt technology has great potential both for speed and configuration, which has been exemplified with the release of new adapters from Sonnet technologies.

By August 30, 2011


Galaxy Tab delayed Down Under

Apple is heavily rumored to be working on an HDTV with TV subscriptions, Facebook Deals is dead, and Samsung postpones releasing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia due to patent litigation.

By August 29, 2011