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Social media's inescapable presence at the RNC

The GOP confab in Cleveland witnessed Facebook and Twitter playing a bigger role than ever before.

By July 21, 2016

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Ask the Experts

CNET and GameSpot have teamed up.


Snowden: 'I never thought I'd be saved' after NSA leaks

Speaking via an internet feed at San Diego Comic-Con, the former intelligence contractor talks about the aftermath of his bombshell disclosures on US government surveillance.

By July 22, 2016


Meet Graham, the hideous creature built to survive car crashes

Happy nightmares! Australian road-safety commission creates the perfect man for car-accident survival. Let's all be thankful we did not evolve in his image.

By July 22, 2016


Hackers on screen: These experts keep 'Mr. Robot' realistic (Q&A)

CNET talks with some of the humans behind "Mr. Robot" about what makes the show compelling even if you're not well versed in hacking.

By July 16, 2016


AI, Frankenstein? Not so fast, experts say

It's easy to worry about what artificial intelligence will deal us. Some people are trying to sort things out before we get too far down the road.

By June 30, 2016


Apple rehires security and encryption expert

The Mac and iPhone maker rehires Jon Callas, who co-founded PGP and Silent Circle, two well-known firms devoted to secure communications.

By May 24, 2016


Driverless cars will lead to more sex behind the wheel, says expert

Technically Incorrect: The co-founder of Canada's Automated Vehicles Center of Excellence fears more dangerously inflamed passions on the highway.

By May 2, 2016


SnapGlass? HoloChat? Snapchat is secretly hiring wearable technology experts

There's reason to believe Snapchat is building smart glasses. That could mean a lot more snaps from a whole new perspective.

By March 11, 2016


Not in my house: Amazon's unencrypted devices a sitting target, cybersecurity experts say

Amazon's decision to leave Fire tablet customers' data out in the open is a bad idea, no matter the reason.

By March 3, 2016


Quiz: Can you name these video game controllers?

Think you're a die-hard video game expert? It's time to prove it.

28 Images By July 23, 2016