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Facebook tests tool to limit your exposure to recent exes

The social network introduces a function that allows users to see less of their former romantic partner, instead of unfriending them.

By November 19, 2015


NSA offers details on 'LOVEINT' (that's spying on lovers, exes)

One NSA worker did it "out of curiosity," another for "practice." Agency's letter in response to query from US senator gives glimpse of romance-related -- and other -- misuses of surveillance system.

By September 27, 2013


Your exes to appear on next episode of 'As the Web turns'

A revealing article in New York Magazine suggests that social media is enabling us to keep the soap opera of failed relationships alive long after the "shows" were canned.

By July 23, 2013


Friday Poll: Do you track your exes on Facebook?

A survey uncovers that 88 percent of people queried have followed their exes on Facebook. Are you the stalking type or the ignoring type?

By July 20, 2012


88 percent stalk their exes on Facebook

A study by a Western University master's candidate suggests that many people, once they break up, follow their former lovers around Facebook, even going so far as to use aliases.

By July 18, 2012


Lawyer sues exes over unkind words on Web

He alleges that the two women have rather prominently defamed him. Now we will see whether hell hath no fury like a TV lawyer scorned.

By January 30, 2012


Using Process Explorer to tame svchost.exe - Advanced topics

Stop svchost.exe from stealing CPU cycles - Advanced topics

By February 9, 2008


Transformation of downloaded .dmg files to .exe files (#3)

We're still trying to nail down the cause of a mysterious issue where .dmg files take on a .exe extension during the download process.

By May 25, 2007


Transformation of downloaded .dmg files to .exe files (#2)

Continuing coverage of a mysterious change in filename extension to .exe for downloaded items

By May 24, 2007


Mysterious appearance of .exe files when attempting to download .dmg files

Mysterious appearance of .exe files when attempting to download .dmg files

By May 23, 2007