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NBA 2K12 slam dunks on iOS (exclusive)

The top-rated basketball simulation on game consoles comes to iOS with tons of content and unique gesture controls. Throw it down big, man!

By September 29, 2011


AT&T-iPad site hacker to fight on in court (exclusive)

Hacker says he won't cop a plea and that he did not profit from disclosing the AT&T security hole, despite what damning chat logs show.

By September 12, 2011


Hyundai brings shopping tools to Facebook (exclusive)

CNET has learned that Hyundai is bringing its suite of shopping tools from its Web site to Facebook to help shoppers crowdsource their car buying decision.

By September 1, 2011


Apple loses another unreleased iPhone (exclusive)

An Apple employee lost yet another unreleased iPhone in a San Francisco bar last month, leading to an investigation by San Francisco police and Apple security, CNET has learned.

By August 31, 2011


HTC prepping Sensation Special Edition with Beats technology (exclusive)

A refreshed, special edition of the popular Android handset will feature enhanced audio and hardware boosts.

By August 31, 2011


Exclusive: New information about Sony tablets

CNET exposes some juicy new details about the Sony S1 tablet, including the launch date and battery life, and a glimpse into the screen technology.

By August 1, 2011


Zynga-Facebook exclusivity goes far beyond credits

A regulatory filing paints an intricate picture of the game maker's dependence on the social-networking giant's platform.

By July 18, 2011


Motorola Mobility an exclusive launch partner to Spotify

People who want early access to the highly anticipated on-demand music-streaming service could get a leg up with Motorola's phones and tablet.

By July 14, 2011


Exclusive: Retrevo to launch gadget model decoder

Gadget review site is collecting and presenting data on what that string of letters and numbers in the model number means.

By July 13, 2011


Exclusive: Top ISPs poised to adopt graduated response to piracy

A proposal that calls for some of the top Internet service providers to interrupt service for subscribers who repeatedly pirate movies and music could be signed and announced as early as next month, sources said.

By June 22, 2011