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Virgin Mobile cuts excess data charges

Post-paid customers on Virgin have had excess data charges slashed, starting from today.

By April 6, 2014


The Audi RS 6 is excessive in all the best ways

Audi's RS 'shop makes very, very fast cars. Cars designed to crush the Autobahn like a pider under a shoe. The RS 6 can hit 189mph, so I think they've done it again...

November 6, 2013


The Audi RS 6 is an example of beautiful excess

Audi RS cars are powerhouses. They're brutish, powerful, comfortable, and excessive to the fore, so why should the latest RS 6 break tradition?

By November 4, 2013


Audi RS 6: Excess on wheels

The Audi RS 6 is a family car that can hit 189mph. Some would say that's excessive, but who says that's a bad thing?

15 Images By November 4, 2013


Snowden: I wanted to 'correct the excesses of government'

Edward Snowden says a surveillance state, where the National Security Agency vacuums up Americans' domestic communications, was "not something I'm willing to live under."

By July 8, 2013


Apple: Samsung seeks 'excessive' price for patents

In a Netherlands courtroom today, Apple reportedly reveals that Samsung is seeking to charge Apple 2.4 percent of the price of each chip in their patent dispute.

By September 26, 2011


Optus to offer Top Ups for customers close to excess charges

Optus will soon offer a Top Up option for customers who are concerned that they will exceed their monthly plan allowance, in addition to introducing a new alerts system.

By August 30, 2012


Three unlimited data plans arrive, excess charges banished

Three has launched new unlimited smart phone contracts and tariffs that won't hit you with extra charges if you go over your limit.

By March 7, 2012


Oracle's $1.3B award against SAP nixed as excessive

In a surprising twist, a judge has reversed a major ruling in favor of Oracle against SAP in the TomorrowNow corporate theft trial.

By September 2, 2011


Excessive cuteness, meet excessive violence (circa 1996)

A developer at Chumby has fully ported Quake to the cuddly little system.

By December 11, 2008