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Excellbook: Disguise Facebook as a spreadsheet

Clothing company Diesel releases the Excellbook app to help you goof off at work. The app accesses Facebook through an Excel-style spreadsheet disguise. Sneaky.

By June 20, 2011


Rymble a real-world enabler for Facebook addicts

Prototype social-networking gadget channels your Facebook updates on a rotating dial with soft chiming alerts.

By June 24, 2011


Crave in Comments: Safe houses and sexy printers

Without a doubt, Crave readers can always be counted on to craft clever commentary. Here are just few chuckle-worthy quips from this week.

By June 24, 2011


This week in Crave: The wrinkle-free edition

This week, we sorted through more than the usual share of Apple rumors, pretended to be working while we were really on Facebook, and worried that our smartphones are making our necks look bad.

By June 25, 2011