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IBM and allies find a way to make chips even tinier and faster

A prototype chip has quadruple the circuitry and double the performance of today's cutting-edge chips. This kind of work keeping Moore's Law ticking hastens the day your smartwatch has a lot more brains.

By July 8, 2015


NASA's latest stunning images of sun (photos)

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is a sun-pointing semi-autonomous spacecraft that allows nearly continuous observations of the sun. Check out its latest snapshots.

By December 9, 2011


AMD pays for IBM know-how in battle with Intel

AMD is leaning increasingly on IBM as it battles with Intel for chip manufacturing process supremacy.

By February 28, 2008


IBM promotes making chips in the bath

An experimental version of immersion lithography could help cut the cost of making chips in the future.

By February 19, 2006


Intel shows test chips made on future processes

Moore's Law is on track, the chipmaker says, and it shows off 45-nanometer creations to prove it. Photos: Intel's 45-nanometer process

By January 25, 2006


New life for Moore's Law

Emerging technologies could extend the life of the famous principle whose demise has been predicted repeatedly.

April 19, 2005


Intel sheds light on future chip technology

With an EUV installation, the company hits a milestone on the path to a chipmaking breakthrough.

By August 1, 2004


Intel to throttle power by enhancing silicon

Power consumption continues to climb, so Intel will reach into the bag of tricks to keep Moore's Law going.

By August 29, 2004