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LF Aligner

Create translation memories from texts and their translations

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h2b Safer for iPhone

The how to be (h2b) Safer for iPhone app shows you how to change iPhone settings to ensure content is safer for you or a child using the device. It...

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Hackers siphon off $31 million from British bank accounts

Crime agencies from across Europe partner with the FBI to investigate and shut down the spread of Dridex banking malware.

By October 14, 2015


Give up firstborn for free Wi-Fi? Some click 'I agree'

An Internet security experiment reveals just how careless people can be about their use of public Wi-Fi hotspots.

By September 30, 2014


Shylock malware gets stung by law enforcement

Police and security firms team up to take down the notorious Shylock, a dangerous financial Trojan that has infected at least 30,000 Windows computers worldwide.

By July 11, 2014


BlackShades malware bust ends in nearly 100 arrests worldwide

Law enforcement agencies seize more than 1,000 computers, smartphones, and hard drives in a massive operation that goes after malware said to have "sophisticated" capabilities and "breathtaking" invasiveness.

By May 19, 2014


Ransomware cybercrime ring dismantled in Europe

Suspects are accused of infecting millions of computers with a virus to extort perhaps millions of dollars from computer users in 30 countries.

By February 13, 2013


Huge global pedophile ring busted, officials say

After an investigation that dates back as least as far as 2009, Web server based in Holland hosting child pornography forum links 670 suspects, officials say.

By March 16, 2011


Europe to get cybercrime alert system

To be built by Europol, the system will pool reports of crimes such as ID or financial theft online, and spot and track illegal activity, from across the 27 EU member states.

By December 1, 2008


EU wages war on cybercrime

As part of the targeted legislation, the Commission will consider laws for tackling ID theft later this year.

By May 24, 2007


Secret Service busts suspected ID fraud ring

Federal agents and international allies arrest 28 suspects thought to have stolen credit card numbers and other financial information. Photo: Shadowcrew site in federal custody

By October 28, 2004


Skype's VoIP ambitions

Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström explains why telephony is bound to wind up as just another application on the Internet.

By December 2, 2003