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Microsoft, the EU fine, and a browser ballot no one missed

commentary The $732 million penalty levied against Microsoft ignores the reality that the world is changing faster than EU regulators -- or any "ballot" -- can keep up.

By March 7, 2013


EU fines Microsoft $731M over Windows 7 browser foul

European authorities levy yet another fine, after Microsoft runs afoul of previous antitrust commitments to provide a browser choice screen.

By March 6, 2013


Microsoft landed with £486m EU fine in browser-choice row

The European Commission found the software giant lax in offering PC owners a choice of browsers, and has demanded a hefty wodge of wonga.

By March 6, 2013


EU charges Microsoft over breach of 'browser ballot' commitments

European regulators have accused the software giant of failing to uphold commitments it made in 2009 over offering consumers a choice of browser on new Windows PCs.

By October 24, 2012


Windows 8 gets 'browser ballot' amid EU antitrust probe

European user of Windows 8 can now select their choice of browser, amid an European antitrust investigation into Microsoft's failure to include the software in Windows 7.

By September 10, 2012


Microsoft likely to face hefty EU fine over browser choice 'error'

Europe's antitrust chief makes it clear that Microsoft should brace itself for another hefty fine from the EU after it failed to include the browser choice software in latest version of Windows 7.

By September 24, 2012


EU proceeds with Microsoft probe on browser choice -- report

Antitrust regulators are said to be moving ahead in investigating Microsoft's failure to provide a browser choice screen on PCs in the EU.

By September 18, 2012


Microsoft 'to comply' with EU in browser choice antitrust probe

The software giant has given the EU assurances that it will comply immediately with regulators' demands, despite failing to honor an earlier agreement.

By September 8, 2012


EU investigating Microsoft over Windows 8 browser shut-out

The launch of Windows 8 is set for October 26, but the EU is concerned that the upcoming OS may unfairly disadvantage rival browser makers.

By July 19, 2012


EU opens Microsoft antitrust probe over browser choice

Microsoft had admitted responsibility following scrutiny from European antitrust authorities into claims the software giant may have failed to fully comply with an earlier 2009 ruling.

By July 17, 2012