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Get personalized etchings on your Galaxy Nexus

A Seattle-based artist etches personalized designs on the battery doors of Galaxy Nexuses through IndieGoGo.

By Feb. 14, 2012


Offbeat photo apps to make something unique on your iPhone

Instead of making your images look retro, this collection of apps let you do something a little different with your photos.

By Aug. 31, 2012


Is this 'Tron'-style floor the future of basketball?

LEDs under the glass surface of this high-tech floor can be changed to show lines for any type of court. Not to mention scoreboards and giant ads.

By Jan. 18, 2013


Touch-screen door lock offers high-tech security

Arrow Revolution Touchscreen Deadbolt is handy if you're always losing your keys. It's also impressive for that postprandial let-me-show-you-my-etchings part of a date.

By May. 27, 2011


Hands-on with Zune Originals HD designs

Get a hands-on look at some of the custom-etched designs and color options available for the Zune HD from the Zune Originals store.

By Sep. 15, 2009


Range hoods offer mood lighting for all tastes

Futuro Futuro from Italy offer new range hoods with their Murano Collection. Contemporary designs for the most part sleek and elegant, but with a couple of twists.

By Jun. 26, 2008


Fabricators descend on Maker Faire Austin

Leaders of the "personal fabrication" movement gather in Austin to discuss how to bring such tools to a wider audience of people.

By Oct. 19, 2007


LaCie Slim DVD+/-RW Drive with LightScribe

Due to its small form factor, the LaCie Slim DVD+/-RW with LightScribe burner is a good choice for those who need a burner while traveling; however, its audience is limited to Windows users.

By Dec. 21, 2005

3 stars Editor's rating Dec. 21, 2005

MSRP: $129.99