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Why I want to live in space: Mars One book to show human side

With its upcoming book of essays and applicant letters, the nonprofit trying to colonize Mars seeks a deeper, more communal understanding about what it may be like to travel to the Red Planet and never come back.

By January 21, 2014


Ep. 561: Where Anna David tells us why Reality Matters

Established author, frequent guest, and friend of The 404 Anna David joins us on today's episode to accomplish two very specific goals: Talk about her new book "Reality Matters," a collection of essays penned by a handpicked pack of storytellers that examine our obsession with reality television. And drag Justin's name through the mud.

By April 19, 2010


Samsung, Microsoft announce essay contest

The two companies will contribute products worth $2 million to schools through Hope For Education contest.

April 28, 2005


Your chance to meet Bill Gates

Microsoft is soliciting essays about people using Windows computers to pursue a passion or hobby; prizes include chance to meet Gates.

By May 23, 2005


Teachers leave grading up to the computer

University of Missouri sociology professor develops program that grades essays and saves more than 200 hours of work a semester.

By April 7, 2005


Macworld 2002: Photo essay

The conference brings out Mac faithful to catch a glimpse of the new flat-panel iMac and try out new products from Apple Computer.

By January 9, 2002


Microsoft adds music, game databases

Microsoft has signed a deal to license Alliance Entertainment's All Media Guide, which includes databases of music, video, DVDs and video games. Under the deal, Microsoft said it has blended the All Media Guide into the Windows Media Player for Windows XP. The software giant added that other properties using Alliance's databases will include Microsoft Plus, Windows Media.com, MSN Music and MSN Search. Alliance's guide includes reviews, biographies, ratings, images, titles, credits, essays and other content. In October, Pressplay, a joint venture between Sony and Vivendi Universal, licensed Alliance's All Music Guide, which contains 3.5 million tracks and more than 495,000 album listings.

November 27, 2001


Gates blasts DOJ in essay

In his broadest defense yet, Bill Gates slams antitrust regulators in an essay for the Economist.

June 12, 1998


Texas, college go after cheaters

Online operations offering term papers and essays scoff at a Texas college and a new state law prohibiting materials used to cheat in school.

July 31, 1997


The Net loves Valentine's Day

How do I love thee, let me tell thee online. The Net offers a multitude of services, information, essays, and even love tests for the lovers of the world.

By February 11, 1997