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NBA, ESPN deal drafts streaming-only service for cord-cutters

A deal between the league and Disney's sports network tees up a new service streaming NBA games even if you don't pay for cable. Just don't assume it will bring the biggest matchups to your iPhone.

By October 6, 2014


At Super Bowl, detecting threats is like finding a needle in a haystack

Haystax's cloud-based tools are helping New York and New Jersey security officials navigate massive amounts of data in order to find any possible threat. Just a few years ago, this would have been impossible.

By January 27, 2014


Xbox One ESPN and NFL integration: A look at what's coming

ESPN and NFL video content live on the Xbox One and snap into sidebars; we get an early peek.

By September 3, 2013


ESPN, HBO come to Apple TV

Users of Apple's set-top box who want to watch a game of baseball followed by a "Game of Thrones" are in luck. HBO and ESPN apps are now available, but you need a pay-TV subscription for most content.

By June 19, 2013


Simple ways to enhance your Internet privacy

Fortify your browser, opt out of location tracking, and use a virtual private network to hide your IP address.

By June 21, 2013


Weird geek baby names of 2012 include 'Google' and 'Jedi'

Geek names invade BabyCenter's list of unusual baby names of 2012, with inspiration coming from the periodic table, "Star Wars," and a certain popular search engine.

By December 13, 2012


NBA to lock out players from its Web sites

If the NBA locks out its players at midnight, all images and videos of the players on NBA Web sites must disappear. It may well be that even the mere mention of their names will be verboten.

By June 30, 2011


Shaq chooses Twitter to announce retirement

Where once he might have held a press conference, now the basketball great calls it quits with a tweet and the clever use of new real-time social media tool Tout.

By June 1, 2011


Sony Bravia Internet Video on 2011 Blu-ray players review

CNET reviews Sony Bravia Internet Video on 2011 Blu-ray players, finding it to offer more services than competitors, but its difficult user interface makes it less appealing.

By May 26, 2011


Buzz Out Loud 1436: Think before you Color (Podcast)

We're thrilled about Amazon's new Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, but the record labels might not be -- so good for them for potentially forcing that anti-consumer claptrap out into the open. Also, we might complain a lot about our Internet issues, but at least we don't live in Canada. Plus, the Color hack you knew was coming, and our official advice: don't use it. Plus, can the hypnotizing baby blues of Jack Dorsey turn the Twitter ship around? We'll see. --Molly

By March 29, 2011