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Drobo Mini

The esoteric Drobo Mini seems to strive to be unique mostly for the sake of uniqueness, and offers very little, if at all, in terms of usability considering its crazily high cost.

By November 21, 2012

2.5 stars Editors' rating November 21, 2012

Google backs tax-transparency challenge

It's sponsoring the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center's contest to find innovative new ways to map out esoteric government spending numbers.

By February 22, 2011


The latest TV combo: waterproof and mirrors

Luxurite wireless HDTV is made for the esoteric.

By November 8, 2007


Little tubes promise big sound

ZVEX specializes in the esoteric.

By July 17, 2007


The desktop trash bin is your friend

By popular reader demand (sort of), Blogma continues last week's esoteric theme of personal productivity. Today, we give you an invaluable blog dedicated to a new holiday called Discardia.

By September 28, 2005


Ulead PhotoImpact 10.0

For experimenting with image editing without learning esoteric jargon, this program is a delightful and inexpensive introduction.

By April 26, 2005

3.5 stars Editors' rating April 26, 2005

MSRP: $89.99


IBM teams with software makers on grid

New software applications could move grid out of the esoteric realm and into mainstream business.

By June 16, 2004


Chipmakers take new steps

There's no sitting tight in the world of semiconductor design. IBM and Stanford University, for instance, are digging deeper into the esoteric field of spintronics, while a start-up says its processor can learn as it goes.

By April 26, 2004


Nanotech's call to arms

Flush with a $50 million federal grant to create an Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, Ned Thomas plans to tap this esoteric science to clothe a breed of warriors "endowed with superhuman capabilities."

March 27, 2002


Mission Critical Software jumps 60 percent on debut

In the wake of such an IPO, what was once thought of as esoteric software "plumbing" could now be a springboard to success for several firms, according to industry observers.

August 5, 1999