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Ernst & Young: China clear leader in renewable energy

Two days after Energy Secretary Chu calls China's advances in clean energy a "Sputnik moment" for the U.S., a report ranks China top in "country attractiveness" for renewable energy

By December 1, 2010


Majority of young people online for no reason, study says

A Pew Research Center study shows that 53 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds are online because, well, they are.

By December 2, 2011


Startup Secret No. 26: Big fish, small pond

There are big advantages to hiring developers in small communities. A built-in protection against your employees being poached, for one thing.

By January 27, 2012


U.S. clean-tech investing hit $4 billion in 2010

Venture capital investment rises 8 percent and a larger percentage of funding goes to later-stage deals, according to an Ernst & Young report.

By February 3, 2011


That didn't take long: Tim Cook rated top CEO

The Apple CEO nabs the top spot from Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley and Qualcomm chief executive Paul Jacobs.

By March 30, 2012


Blogging declines among teens, young adults

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center shows that only 14 percent of teenagers are bloggers, down from 28 percent in 2006.

By February 3, 2010


Study: Twitter users young, wireless, on other social sites

Pew research shows that not only do Twitter users update their statuses more than ever, but they're young, love Wi-Fi, and befriend you on Facebook.

By October 22, 2009


Detached retina linked to over-texting in the dark

A young Chinese man who constantly texted his girlfriend at night has emergency surgery for something more associated with the elderly, report says.

By June 3, 2014


Xiaomi jumps to fifth-largest smartphone maker worldwide

The young Chinese company has quickly gained market share and now takes its place in the top 5 as the "star performer" in the second quarter, according to Strategy Analytics.

By July 31, 2014