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Foxtel expands EPG to include instant catch-up TV

Internet-connected Foxtel iQ boxes will soon allow users to watch selected missed shows directly from the electronic program guide.

By October 16, 2013


Samsung expands smart TV content and functionality

Samsung's new range of smart TVs will have EPG, improved voice and gesture control and "a minimum of 90 per cent" of the world's sporting events.

By April 17, 2013


Samsung signs deal to use Rovi's EPG

According to a report by Video Business, Samsung has signed a deal with Rovi to use the company's electronic programming guide in future products.

By August 18, 2009


Sky+HD gets new EPG: Now you never have to stop watching

Sky+HD users are getting a new on-screen interface that offers easier recording, souped-up search and a minimised window for uninterrupted viewing when browsing the planner

By March 9, 2009


Televisions will still get EPG after Freeview

The head of Freeview has announced that existing customers will still be able to use an electronic guide if their equipment currently supports it, but won't be able to use any of Freeview's additional features.

By February 4, 2009


Freeview EPG won't be compatible with current TVs

Freeview will be coming to a television near you from March this year, but the organisation's head has said that you may need to buy a new TV to get the most out of it.

By February 2, 2009


Nine and TEN ready free EPG

Television body Free TV has announced that Networks Nine and TEN will transmit a free seven-day guide for all digital TV viewers from November 19 2007.

By November 15, 2007


Foxtel announces new features, upgrades website

Foxtel has upgraded its website with full-screen video and better EPG search facilities, and will be followed by new Foxtel features over the next 12 months.

By April 21, 2009


IceTV win ensures 'free' EPG still on track

The little guy has won out on the end -- Channel Nine has lost its case against IceTV in which it claimed that the company's IceTV Guide infringed the station's copyright.

By August 9, 2007


Foxtel to finally broadcast Ten, EPG

Channel Ten has seemingly buried the hatchet with Foxtel and will allow its digital signal and EPG to be broadcast on the cable provider from September 2007.

By August 7, 2007