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EPEAT finds MacBook Air, other laptops meet 'green' standards

The review of notebooks from Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba comes after Apple quietly but briefly withdrew from the environmental group's device certification program.

By October 14, 2012


Apple rejoins EPEAT, Retina MacBook Pro makes the grade

After withdrawing its portfolio from EPEAT last week, Apple is once again amongst its fold.

By July 15, 2012


Apple rejoins EPEAT green list, admits its mistake

Apple has changed its position, and got back on board with the environmentally friendly gang.

By July 14, 2012


Apple reverses course, re-ups with EPEAT green standard

The company rethinks a decision it made last month to drop out of the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool's program.

By July 13, 2012


Apple withdraws from EPEAT

Coinciding with the launch of the MacBook Pro with Retina display, Apple is no longer claiming to be EPEAT Gold certified.

By July 8, 2012


Apple explains why it yanked devices from enviro registry

As concern swells around Apple opting out of the EPEAT registry, the tech giant says, "Apple products are superior in other important environmental areas not measured by EPEAT."

By July 10, 2012


Apple withdraws products from 'green list'

Apple has withdrawn all its devices from the EPEAT national registry of environmentally sound products.

By July 8, 2012


Green electronics EPEAT registry goes global

EPEAT certification, which rates electronics on a variety of environmental factors, will be available to tech gear sold outside the U.S.

By August 10, 2009


EPEAT rating to rank TVs' eco-features

A group that's not well known by consumers is creating standards that measure environmental performance beyond energy efficiency. But it will take awhile.

By May 29, 2009


Amazon adds greener electronics ranking

EPEAT certification ranks computers on a variety of criteria, including energy efficiency, toxic materials, and recycling programs.

By January 20, 2010