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Asus EP121

Asus has a fresh take on the oft-maligned Windows tablet in the fast-running Eee Slate EP121, a touch-screen slate coupled with its own Bluetooth keyboard.

Jan. 12, 2011

3.5 stars Editors' rating on May. 25, 2011
2.5 stars User rating out of 3 reviews
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Nokia BH-121

The $50 Bluetooth-connected accessory makes a case for expanding your cell phone experience, but this writer has her doubts.

Dec. 10, 2013

MSRP: $54.00

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AudioOutfitters EarPod

AudioOutfitters brings a welcome reprieve to anyone lost in a tangle of earphone cords. But even though the EarPod works well, we're spoiled by the autotethering wonders of the CMO America ZipKord headphones.

Jul. 21, 2004

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iLuv iEP515BLK Premium Earphones

The iLuv iEP515 earphones provide an inexpensive way to listen to and control music on your iPod, but fit and sound quality are not great.

Jul. 15, 2009

2 stars Editors' rating on Feb. 18, 2010

iFrogz Ear Pollution Timbre earphones

The Ear Pollution Timbre earphones are a great option for people who want excellent audio quality for a low price, but iPod owners should be wary of the mic version.

Nov. 12, 2009

3.5 stars Editors' rating on Nov. 13, 2009

iFrogz Ear Pollution Toxix

The Ear Pollution Toxix headphones might be a suitable choice for budget-conscious users with distaste for earbuds, but others should look elsewhere.

Nov. 20, 2008

2.5 stars Editors' rating on Nov. 21, 2008
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Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

If you want wireless charging bad for your Galaxy S4, $90 worth of pad and charging cover are now yours for the buying.

Jun. 6, 2013

MSRP: $49.99


EarPollution Reflex Earbuds (with Mic, Black)

The EarPollution Reflex Earbuds aren't going to impress anyone in terms of sound quality, but if you're desperate for a cheap pair of comfortable earphones with integrated iPod controls, these are suitable.

Dec. 8, 2009

2.5 stars Editors' rating on Dec. 8, 2009

Olympus E-P1

The Olympus E-P1 is an otherwise excellent enthusiast compact camera hampered by some performance problems and the lack of a viewfinder and built-in flash.

Jun. 17, 2009

3.5 stars Editors' rating on Jun. 24, 2009

MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 Earphones (Black/Red)

While the MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 Earphones are affordable and decent-sounding, with a nice set of accessories, they won't fit everyone equally well.

Sep. 26, 2012

3 stars Editors' rating on Nov. 7, 2012
5 stars User rating out of 7 reviews