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Khosla: Environmentalists, get out of way

Famed tech investor Vinod Khosla says green tech will succeed when entrepreneurs follow their vision for disruptive technologies rather than expect consumers to pay a premium for green products.

By September 27, 2011


Environmentalists take aim at Fujitsu's eco-marketing tactics

Fujitsu's Green IT line just introduced its M440 ECO mouse, but the UK's Inquirer takes issue with its questionable eco-benefits.

By January 31, 2011


With solar power, it's Green vs. Green

The push to create an alternative to carbon-based fuel with massive solar plants has hit an unlikely snag: environmentalists.

By January 6, 2011


The remote as an environmentalist

Energy Saver claims to do just what its name says, by turning off major appliances.

By May 20, 2008


Do environmentalists contribute to global warming?

Nuclear power could wean us off coal, but fears about the technology have kept it down, says Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace.

By January 31, 2008


Barriers loom on road to plug-in cars

Automakers, utilities, and environmentalists alike are increasingly gung-ho for electric vehicles. But it's hard to say if consumers will share their enthusiasm.

By October 23, 2009


Google maps draw a line in sand for clean energy

Environmentalists create cheat sheets about places where alternative-energy developers are least and most likely to be challenged.

By April 2, 2009


When corporate 'greening' chafes environmentalists

Green bloggers can be a nitpicky bunch, but their hats are off to Wal-Mart's new eco-friendly initiatives.

By March 29, 2007


Energy guru Lovins to carmakers: Time for big bets

Amory Lovins, hero of environmentalists and adviser to Fortune 500 firms, says it's time for bold changes in energy and transportation, focusing first on efficiency.

By December 5, 2008


Green news harvest: Mascoma, Konarka ramp up clean tech

Konarka to make 1 gigawatt of plastic solar cells a year, Mascoma to make ethanol from Michigan wood chips, environmentalists chided for not understanding business, off-shore wind moves ahead in Oregon, the Tango electric mini car, clean tech job creation

By October 8, 2008