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Amazon APIs as cloud standards? Not so fast

Some people consider Amazon's APIs to be the de facto cloud computing API standard. I don't agree for several reasons--not the least of which is that it's too early for cloud standards in the first place.

By July 9, 2010


Cloud computing's green paradox

Cloud computing is significantly greener than its traditional IT operations alternatives, right? Actually, it may not quite be that simple.

By January 7, 2010


Rumor: Amazon to open source Web Services APIs

Sources say that Amazon will open source the APIs for EC2 and S3. Since they are de-facto standards, let's hope it's true.

By May 28, 2009


Are the feds the first to a common cloud definition?

A recent draft of a government standard definition of cloud computing from the NIST is surprisingly workable. Could it be that the feds beat the commercial sector to the punch on this one?

By May 10, 2009


Open Cloud Manifesto now signed and delivered

Leaked late last week, the Open Cloud Manifesto has been a highly controversial document among cloud industry participants. The document and its signatory list are now officially public.

By March 29, 2009


The need for a standard cloud taxonomy

Various vendors have made the term cloud computing almost meaningless, and an overall taxonomy for the technology and market--required for interoperability--is sorely lacking.

By January 27, 2009


Is the cloud computing maturity model unnecessary or simply misunderstood?

Roger Smith challenges the need for a maturity model for cloud computing. His points are worth consideration, but as he makes his case he clearly misunderstands the tenor and theme of the model I introduced.

By December 27, 2008