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The Unfortunate Umbles: An A to Z lacking ennui

ON SALE! Berkeley Breathed Gahan Wilson are saying...The fortunate thing about The Unfortunate Umbles is that Amy Luwis gave herself free reign,...

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The artworks of Alexander James, Distil Ennui Studio

Browse and purchase artworks direct from the studio of underwater sculptural artist Alexander James; Download full screen images to use as...


Cosplay Runner

Help Fanini and DaniCosplay, to reach as far as possible in their Adventure!


Japan's ISS Kirobo robot is lonely in space

The humanoid robot created to keep astronauts on the International Space Station company seems to have caught a case of intergalactic ennui. Cheer up, Kirobo!

By September 2, 2014


Greatest Gadget: Wii ennui as console is neck and neck with the USB stick

Our Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tech tournament is heating up. Now in the second day of voting, we're noticing Nintendo's console struggling with the mighty USB stick.

By November 9, 2010


Mmm...Donuts: Domain name company eyes a diverse Web

Domain name registry says $100 million in funding and 307 top level domain applications will cure .com ennui.

By June 5, 2012


Linux conference shows advances amid investor ennui

Diminished Wall Street enthusiasm notwithstanding, the continuing progress of Linux in everything from golf carts to supercomputers will be visible at a Linux conference this week.

By August 14, 2000