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Search-engine spam targeting popular news items

Cybercriminals are leveraging Haiti and Chile earthquakes and other recent news events to poison Internet searches, according to McAfee.

By May 18, 2010


Breakthrough in tissue engineering: 'Bio-Legos'

A new technique called micromasonry uses a gel-like material to bind cell bricks together as the material hardens, enabling the formation of 3D shapes to build such things as new organs.

By May 13, 2010


OneRiot nixes beta tag, gets a better trends engine

Real time search tool OneRiot gets a face lift, and celebrates its one year anniversary by shedding its beta status. It's also sporting a new back-end technology that does a better job at spotting emerging trends.

By May 7, 2010


Facebook to open engineering office in Seattle

The company has also enlisted iLike co-founder Hadi Partovi, who is based in Seattle, to help recruit a team of engineers.

By May 5, 2010


Students' siege-engine robots rumble in Dallas

Students from 14 countries battled it out at the 2010 VEX Robotics Competition World Championship in Dallas. They designed and built their own autonomous and remote-controlled robots from kits.

By April 28, 2010


GM to invest $890M toward jobs, cleaner engines

General Motors will invest more than $890 million which will create or retain more than 1,600 jobs in five North American plants to produce a new generation of fuel-efficient small block truck and car engines.

By April 27, 2010


Wozniak comes to defense of Apple engineers

It's safe to say that Steve Wozniak feels a kinship with Apple engineers. Last week he spoke on behalf of two that have run afoul of Apple's security rules.

By April 26, 2010


Ford's small concept debuts 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine

Ford shows off the Start Concept at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show.

By April 23, 2010


BorgWarner technology boosts new Hyundai-Kia engines

Announcement that BorgWarner's new Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) turbochargers will boost performance and lower emissions for new Hyundai-Kia diesel engines.

By April 15, 2010


Ford adds recirculation to EcoBoost engines

EGR, a system that's more typical to diesel engines, recycles portion of gas exhaust to improve engine efficiency.

By April 14, 2010