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How to switch to energy-saving mode on the Xbox One

The Xbox One's instant-on mode, while convenient, uses 30 times more power than energy-saving mode.

By January 31, 2014


Honeywell energy savings calculator counts the trees

Today Honeywell announced that it is providing a service on its Web site that gives an idea of the savings customers could potentially achieve by using a programmable thermostat.

By July 31, 2013


3D-printed car saves money, energy

Urbee II, a 3D-printed electric car about to go into production, boasts an ultrastrong, ultralight chassis that can take on highway rigors with ease.

By February 28, 2013


3D-printed car saves money, energy

A 3D-printed electric car that is about to go into production boasts an ultra-strong, ultra-light chassis that can take on the rigours of the highway with ease.

By February 27, 2013


How to save energy at home

Winter energy bills are the worst. If you've ever opened one up to a heart attack-inducing number, then check out these tips for keeping your energy consumption low.

By August 12, 2012


Divide power and save money on your energy bills

With great power comes great responsibility. Use your power boards to get smart with saving power and saving money.

By June 20, 2012


Smart lights save energy without changing bulbs

Startup Enlighted says its distributed sensor-based lighting controls cut energy from lighting by about 60 percent.

By February 22, 2012


To save energy, popping socket unplugs plugs

Ignore the 10-minute warning and you'll find that your toaster, computer, or smartphone has been unceremoniously evicted from its wall socket, by the socket itself.

By January 2, 2012


Virtual building audit spots energy savings

FirstFuel crunches utility and weather data to build a profile of commercial building energy use and offer recommendations to improve efficiency by 10 percent.

By September 22, 2011


Smart thermostat links to cloud for energy savings

EnergyHub's Mercury service, which connects to smart thermostats to optimize home energy settings, will be offered through broadband providers, thermostat makers, and utilities.

By August 1, 2011