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Nikon camera encryption cracked

Just months after Canon's camera encryption was cracked, the same team has claimed that it has managed to crack Nikon's authentication system used in high-end SLRs.

By April 28, 2011


WhisperCore app encrypts all data on Android

Nexus S is first device targeted in beta release of full disk encryption app for Android.

By March 15, 2011


Facebook seeking encryption for apps, mobile

Facebook says it wants all app developers to support HTTPS and plans HTTPS support for mobile in the coming months.

By February 24, 2011


Feds seek new ways to bypass encryption

The Secret Service reports that gleaning Web passwords can help it crack encrypted files and hard drives, while the Justice Department says suspects can't be forced to divulge passphrases.

By February 23, 2011


FBI: We're not demanding encryption back doors

FBI's top lawyer tells Congress the bureau is not calling for restrictions on encryption without back doors for police, an apparent retreat from its position last fall.

By February 17, 2011


Microsoft's HealthVault gets encrypted e-mailing

Microsoft has made a change to its HealthVault health care records service that will let health care providers e-mail patient profile pages.

By February 2, 2011


Wi-Fi Alliance urges use of WPA2 encryption (podcast)

Trade group is urging consumers to set their routers and devices to use the latest and most secure encryption technologies.

By February 2, 2011


Canon camera encryption cracked

A Russian programmer has found a terminal weakness in a Canon system to ensure the authenticity of photos taken by law enforcement, insurance companies, or other investigators.

By December 10, 2010


Fast-encryption feature arrives in Chrome

False Start cuts one round-trip link out of the communication chain for using secure Web sites.

By December 6, 2010


Forcing browsers to use encryption

Chrome and Firefox are or will be using new HTTP Strict Transport Security technology, which allows Web servers to force secure connections with browsers.

By November 15, 2010