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A fire tornado you can whip up at home

The Bearded Science Guy shows you the recipe for making a flaming tornado right in your home. First step: Update your fire insurance policy.

By July 9, 2015


Get an Endevr Sport ID bracelet for $14.95 shipped

This coded, QR-tagged band can help emergency responders quickly retrieve your medical profile, emergency-contact info, and more.

By July 24, 2014


Tech Car Buying Guide

Over the last decade, digital technology changed cars substantially. There are a host of new options and other vehicle components to consider when shopping for a new car these days.

By August 30, 2013


Listen before you buy a hi-fi, what a great idea

Today's hi-fi buyers rarely get to compare one speaker with another to see which sounds the best. That happens every day at In Living Stereo in NYC!

By March 25, 2012


EMT fired over Facebook murder victim photo?

A Staten Island EMT reportedly took a picture of a murder victim and posted it on Facebook, then lost his job. Hospital officials will not confirm why.

By May 16, 2009


The Real Deal 196: Emergency preparedness tech (podcast)

What tech is necessary for your emergency kit? We cover some ideas and take some from the audience.

By February 4, 2010


Aussie iPhone Apps

Australians all let us rejoice for an iPhone App that's free. Well, not all the apps are free, some of them will cost a couple of bucks, but they all come with an Aussie twist.

By March 17, 2009


Phase 2 Deployment Expands iPhone 3G Across the Globe

Phase 2 Deployment Expands iPhone 3G Across the Globe

By August 12, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 732: Make family, not phone

An amusement park in the U.K. thinks you'll have more fun if they confiscate your smartphone. We are not amused.

By May 27, 2008


The art of (paintball) war

A wireless turret can deluge the enemy while you observe from a distance.

By April 9, 2008