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Disturbing new site scrapes your private Facebook and informs landlords, employers

Technically Incorrect: Score Assured takes a "deep dive" into all your social-media activity, analyzes the words you use and recommends whether you'll be a good tenant or employee.

By June 11, 2016


Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon employees feel the Bern

The tech titans' employees are behind Bernie Sanders, according to campaign donation data.

By April 19, 2016


Instacart offers some contractors part-time employment

The grocery delivery startup is making the change as fellow on-demand service Uber faces regulatory scrutiny for not classifying its drivers as employees.

By June 22, 2015


Qualcomm agrees to pay $19.5 million in gender discrimination settlement

Plaintiffs in the class action suit said women at Qualcomm were paid less than "the men who work beside them."

By July 27, 2016


Porsche's electric Mission E will be a job creator

Its greenest effort to date won't just rely on everything Porsche's built. It's going to need more.

By July 26, 2016


McLaren has one thing Tesla doesn't: Profits

Woking's actually in its third year of profitability, and it's building nothing but insanely expensive supercars.

By July 21, 2016


Obama tips hat to Google and Microsoft for work to help refugees

President Barack Obama says money and expertise are needed from the private sector to alleviate the world's worst refugee crisis on record.

By June 30, 2016


Brexit campaign wipes its homepage amid accusations of false promises

Prominent Brexiters have been backtracking on key promises made during the referendum. Now the campaign's homepage has erased links to those claims.

By June 27, 2016


Brexit vote: What the UK leaving the EU means for tech

This could be a historic moment for the UK. CNET looks at how the tech world is -- and isn't -- responding.

By June 23, 2016


Tech firms some of the most trusted, admired companies in US

Familiar names top a survey of American adults' thoughts about innovation and workplace confidence.

By June 8, 2016